Slip & Fall Accidents or Premises Liability

People get hurt every day. If an injury occurs at a grocery store, discount store, restaurant, or other business, it may have been prevented had the property owner used proper judgment and kept the area safe. If you or your loved one has fallen and been hurt, Ferguson Law Firm may be able to help you. These types of cases can be one of the most difficult cases to prove in a court of law.

Most injuries from “slip and fall” result from dangerous conditions in walking areas, including ramps and steps. Injuries can also result from hidden conditions, poorly maintained steps or handrails, poor lighting, or inadequate warnings of a known dangerous condition.

Several conditions must be analyzed, including but not limited to:

  1. Whether the injury resulted from a weather-related condition such as rain or ice;
  2. Whether the special condition or hazard, such as a construction area, was properly marked with a visible warning sign;
  3. Whether the areas was properly maintained;
  4. Whether the injured person was a customer, invited guest or trespasser; and
  5. Whether the premises owner had knowledge of the hazard, but failed to take the necessary action to warn someone.

When an injury is reported, what an injured party states to the insurance company is very important. The injured party may state facts that could lead one to conclude that the injured party was not watching where he or she was walking. The injured party’s statement can be used to deny the claim.

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